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Quiet Gratitudes+Upcoming Classes

EXXXotica Miami 2009
Quiet Gratitudes+Upcoming Classes


1. Mini Adventure Report (A contemplative morning) 2. Classes next 4 weeks: SF, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal, San Diego, LA and SF again 3. New columns in Eros-Zine and On Our Backs 4. Midori the window art performer?
5. Midori’s Blog on Live Journal
6. Kinky Student Lounge. Ask questions! Meet others like you!

(Please feel free to pass this along to those who are interested and appropriate lists. All URLs are listed twice. Once in click-able gibberish generated by my newsletter maker and again in a format that you can cut-n-paste into your browser)

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Dear Readers,

 It’s been a busy and fun summer for me. The teaching tour schedule’s been intense. Since last I wrote to you I’ve taught in DC, NY, Philly, Denver, Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver, Charlottesville Va, and of course San Francisco. The sales of the new book “Wild Side Sex” is doing well with the tours too. The summer has just past me by.  I was delighted that I managed to squeeze out some personal time to spend some sweet time with dear friends, go to some fantastic museums and enjoy myself. Even got to do some photo shoots – my rigging that I’m shooting myself. That’s been a thrill!

In some ways my life’s a lot like that of a small time rock band or singer. I’m on the road alone a lot so I miss home, and don’t get to do stuff in the Bay Area. I don’t get to have the pleasures of a ‘normal’ life but the adventures I have are pretty darned cool. Like a small time band or singer, I have to do much of the work stuff myself. I’m my own manager, travel agent, janitor, office clerk, receptionist and equipment tech. That can be a pain. (And in between all that I have to finish my next book, the sci fi collection, soon!) But then all the hassle’s made up by the smiles and excitement of those that come to the classes. It just makes me happy, deeply happy to teach. Sure, the down sides of my weird life can be a drag at times, but it sure is a blast to do what I love. I’m lucky.

 I’ve been thinking about happiness, how lucky I am and gratitude around my life lately. I suppose it’s because there’s been a few deaths, changes and grieving among my friends recently. I’m middle-aged now, so I guess there’s going to more of that now.

 I wrote this yesterday in my LJ blog and thought I’d share it. I’m in a contemplative mood today – I hope you don’t mind?

“This morning I heard from my friend, C. Her mother died days ago from lung cancer.
Two weeks ago I picked her up from SFO and drove her to her moms. Lucky that it was one of 2 days I was in town in the last couple of weeks. She's been caring for her, taking care of the affairs and working with the hospice. C was my first real top and girlfriend.
Her mom went quickly. No suffering. No prolonged medical or hospice care.
Tonight Kelly and I took her to restorative yoga taught by Skeeter, a wonderful woman from the SF leather community and a heck of a yoga teacher.
We breathed. Stretched and we simply were.
An hour or so ago I picked up J, C's wife, from SFO and drove her to C's mom's house. J has a medical background so we spoke about the cancer, the ability of cells to create growth, stop growth and kill from that blind growth.
J recalled the toast I gave at David and Simone's wedding last year. I was David's best man. David's one of my two best friends. J recalled my extemporaneous toast, which I had forgotten. Something about "The Divine is not in the church nor in a book nor piece of paper but exists instead in the gaze of those whom love us."
I'm glad she remembered that.

I am grateful for things mundane, ordinary and therefore profound.

My days are full and interesting, I am honest to who I am and whom I love. I am blessed for the passions in my life.
Knowing that in this moment, life is perfect and should, for some odd reason, if it all ended now, it is still perfect.”

And I am also grateful for all of you who take the time to read my thoughts.

Thank you and may you enjoy a beautiful August day!


= = =

(Please feel free to pass this on or post in appropriate places.) ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ San Francisco:
• Tonight 8/23  “Art of Feminine Dominance 1” at Good Vibrations Polk Street store. 8pm – 10pm $25 call  (415) 345-0400
• Sep 15  “Beginning to Top” at QSM
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
CANADA (for all classes in Canada on this tour go to or for info or to the calendar section at  aka )

• Aug 25 Venus Envy. “Intro to Japanese & Other Creative Rope Bondage Essentials”    * Bring rope!
• Aug 26 Adult Fun Super Store (Call for class location) “Pushing the Psychological Edge” + Book Signing + Performance • Aug 27 w/ Miss Jenn “Sex Bondage: Wrapped for Pleasure” + Performance • Aug 28 Venus Envy “Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1”
• Aug 28 Venus Envy “Make Em Blush Make Em Squirm: Erotic Embarrassment Play”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
• Aug 29 Venus Envy “Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1”
• Aug 28 Venus Envy ““Intro to Japanese & Other Creative Rope Bondage Essentials”      * Bring rope!
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
• Sep 1  w/"attitudes" @ L’Orage (7– 9)” SEX BONDAGE: Wrapped For Pleasure”  + Performance • Sep 2 w/"attitudes" & Club Sin @ 10th Polymorphe Anniversary at Club Cleopatra’s (7-9) Class "Shiny, Slippery & Sexy Fun"
• Sep 3 at /"attitudes" @ Le Chateau (2:30-5) “Scene Dynamics and Psychology of Rope Bondage”
and “Make 'em Blush, Make 'em Squirm: Erotic Embarrassment and Humiliation Play” (7:30-10) • Sep 4  1pm – 3pm w/"attitudes" @ Le Tube “Erotic Role Play”
• Sep 4   4pm – 6pm North Bound Leather Book signing
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
San Diego
Sep 8 “Predicament Bondage” at ReBar on 30TH at Upas, $15 RSVP to ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Los Angeles
Sep 10 – 11  Rope Bondage Dojo or
(One seat left at the moment of writing this.) ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ PREVIEW OF OCTOBER AND BEYOND For more info see the class calendar at • OCT: London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge • NOV: San Francisco, Oahu, Toronto ~ * ~ * ~

- - - - - - - -

The Diva dishes on the international fetish scene! just picked me up as one of their regular columnists. In this one I’ll be yakking about how the styles differ from place to place and how to keep from being a fetish fashion disaster!    or cut and paste this into your browser

 “On Our Backs” magazine, that literate lesbian smut magazine, now has me as their sexploitation travel columnist. You won’t find this on their on-line issue. It’s only in their hard copy. With photos too! During my travels I have to go and have hot, steamy sex, explore new places and report on it. See how hard I work for “journalistic interests”? LOL! In the current issue I report about going down Down Under – yup, Australia!

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Here’s a bit of insider info leaked to you.
If you find yourself near the Castro District in San Francisco on Thursday, September 22 nd, and happen by the window of the jewelry store Flux on 18 th St near Castro you’ll see their window artfully and scandalously done in rope, sexy flesh and glittering jewels. The store commissioned me to create a special art exhibition / performance window in honor of Folsom Street Fair.  Gotta love San Francisco!

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Any question about kink or sex answered! Meet sexy, interesting and intelligent people from all over the world!  All orientations, genders and experience levels. (Populated mainly by people who’ve been to my classes, ranging from Denmark to Australia) join the discussion at my yahoo group called DivaMidori (it is Adult Access only) the URL is:

See you around!


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